Miss Teen United Nation International Erika-Ann Kay Chong

Erika-Ann Kay Chong

I was born on October 15th 1994 in St. Andrew, Jamaica. I am the fourth generation Jamaican with Chinese, Guyanese, Indian, Portuguese and Scottish ancestry. I was raised in Kingston, Jamaica by both parents, Ian and Sharon Chong.

I am currently attending Liberty Academy at the Priory High School holding the Sports Manager’s title for the football team and President for the Social Etiquette Club. I am majoring in Physics, Biology, Integrated Science, Art, Information Technology, English Literature, Mathematics and English Language in Grade 11.

I enjoy dancing, reading, socializing, football, tennis, Martial Arts [Wing-Leung Kung-Fu] and weight lifting. I had the honors of being Prefect of the school in Grade 6 at Liberty Academy Preparatory School. In the first year of high at The Queen’s High School, I was honored with Student Council Representative for Grade 71, then in my second year and third year of high school at Hillel Academy I was once again honored with Student Council Representative for Grade 81 and 91. For my fourth and fifth year of high school at Liberty Academy I am one of the Prefects of the school and Student Council Representative for the school and Sports Manager for the football team.

I have assisted the abused and abandoned children of Marigold Child Care Facility and at the Bustamante Hospital. In addition I am assisting the blind and seeing impaired at the Salvation Army.

My goal in life is to assist in many ways as possible to the less fortunate.

Erika’s Trip to Toronto

Ericka was recently in Toronto, Canada to do some appearances for the Pageant.


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