Ms United Nation International Shanee King

Shanee King is 24 yrs old and lives in Jamaica. she is currently a front office agent ,pursuing a career in hotel management.

Shanee realized her potential for volunteerism as a teenager . she was very involved in service  and held almost every leadership role in her high school years. she always had a passion for the welfare of others.  Driven by her philosophy, ‘ the purpose of life is a life of purpose’, she is very motivated   to make a difference in the world through volunteerism. Her agenda is to help in the enhancement, growth and development of disabled and under privilidged children, as well as contributing to the Jamaica cancer society, which holds a special place in her heart.

Her life’s ambition is to be happy and successful in both her personal and professional endeavours. She enjoys reading, socializing and listening to music.

The person she admires is Oprah Winfrey, as she is inspired by her humanitarianism.


Author: Jessica

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