The Team

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Jessica Thompson-Clarke


Jessica Thompson-Clarke is a Mother, Wife and an Operating Room Nurse. She has welcomed the title of Executive Director for the United Nation International Pageant Inc with open arms. This pageant allows women of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes to come together and discuss what they do for their communities.  It also allows women to talk and learn about the trouble they all face in thier home countries.  This pageant provides life long friendships.  We at the United Nation International Inc pageant do not ever focus on body image rather we focus on what the women does for their communities and what they have done as an individual.

Jessica has had an extensive history competing in pageants winning such titles as Ms Hamilton Galaxy, Ms Burlington, Ms Canada Galaxy, Ms Canada Royalty and Ms Hamilton Royalty. “With every title I held I was never asked to appear in a swimsuit.  I was asked to do charity work and that is what holding a title is about. So why did I have to compete in a bathing suit?” Jessica has also danced professionally with the CFL and has been a nationally ranked figure skater.  She has been choreographing pageants now for 6 years and enjoys every minute.

She is excited for this year and can’t wait to meet all the new girls that join the United Nation International Inc Family.

Jessica Thompson-Clarke

International Director



Elaine Roecklein

Elaine Roecklein was born in Frankfurt Germany and considers herself a Washington, DC native. She began a modeling career at the young age of 16, supporting herself while she worked her way through college at George Washington University. She graduated from the International School of Political Science with a BA. She is a trained dancer (ballet and Modern Dance) and enjoys teaching fitness part time as a hobby.

Soon after graduating from college, she moved to NYC where she taught teenage girls poise, modeling and makeup at the Barbizon School of Modeling while she pursued her modeling and acting career. Throughout the years she has worked as a professional singer, dancer, magicians assistant, art auctioneer, make up artist, and Skin Care Specialist. Although Elaine retired from the Industry, she finds it rewarding to mentor young women interested in modeling and Pageantry. As recently as 2008, she was personally selected as one of the beauties for “Face of Aunnyx” Models, a mineral cosmetic brand, Aunnyx Cosmetics. In July of 2010, Elaine entered the National Pageant Finals, Marmas Productions. She won the Title as Ms. Classic American Woman for 2010. It was a great experience as she competed gracefully against women who were seasoned pageant winners and who held State, National and International titles. She successfully changed careers over a decade ago to the Financial Services Industry and now works for a prestigious Wealth Manager in Rockville, Maryland, Jack Reutemann, Jr @ Research Financial Strategies. Elaine enjoys many hobbies, her favorites being gardening, keeping fit and judging Pageants. She is making the most of her year as a Reigning Beauty Queen by lending her title to non profit and charity organizations. In November, 2010 she was the Host and MC at the United Nations International Pageant in Negril, Jamaica. She is available for speaking engagements upon request.




Lorette Lyttle

Lorette has a love for pageants, having growing up in the
pageant system starting at a very young age for about ten
years. Winning such titles as Ms Photogenic, Junior
Ms. Michigan and several talent awards. Lorette also spent
her younger years as a runway model, print model as well
as several television commercials.

After her modeling and pageant years were past her, she
took up a love for golf and landed a full scholarship playing
for the University of Illinois. She played professionally
for a few years and is now a golf instructor, enjoying
teaching and sharing her knowledge especially with junior golfers.

Lorette along with her sister, currently own and operate a Marketing firm that caters to small business owners and Entrepreneurs working with them to leverage the power of the Internet for business growth.


Wendy Elaine Gavin

Wendy Elaine Gavin, born on the 27th day of April.  Lives in Jamaica, and studied locally and abroad and majored in Computer  Studies and Management.

Spent over 10 years in the hospitality industry and is presently working as the General Manager of Sea Wind Resort, Negril, Jamaica.

Philosophy – whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.